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Songs & Lyrics - Ride and Slide

Tajuk Lagu : Ride and Slide
Komposer : Zubin
Penulis Lirik : Zubin
Album : Feminin Kembali

(Hey) All the radio stations
Better keep coming in tune
It’s time to realize, better now not soon
That F to the E to the MIN… IN
Is back on the scene with the new found friend

One, two pass over the mic, thank you
Now’s my turn to refresh the hype with you
I’ll deal for real and feel
The music, the sound when we’re coming at’cha

This time you can feel the music’s grooving
Your heart is pumping the place is jumping
And crowd goes hey!
Welcome back, welcome back we’re on our way

To hit the chart all over the world
Me and my three other girls
Dancing to a funky track with
A touch of a R&B


We wanna ride and slide
Moving up and down
Round and round like a Merry-Go-Round
We wanna ride and slide
Moving up and down
Round and round and round

Ah one two microphone check again
Can I kick it now? Can I kick it? Yes…
Popadapopbeebophiphop, R&B, jazz and soul
You’re trying to go with the flow

Well I’m flipping the script; I’m not flipping the flop
We combine acid jazz and real hip hop
I’m humping and jumping alive and kicking
The style of FEMININ

Before I go with the rhythm I flow with the rhyme
If you’re down with us give us a sign
Drop a dime in no time
We’re ready to take off
We promise not to turn you off

So are you down with the clique? (Yes we are!)
So are you down with the clique? (Yes we down!)
Are you down with the clique? (Hey!)
Now have a wonderful journey

Ulang Chorus


Slide we ride
Slide we slide
Moving up going up
Down, down, round and round

We were deride now we slide and ride
By the riverside with the ride, ride we ride
Slide, slide we slide
We’re going back and forth and side to side
Everything gonna be alright
On Friday night we go dancing
Keep it coming, keep it coming
Real nice and slow
Smooth and mellow
So do you wanna follow? So…

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